Tuesday, 5 September 2017

You CAN sing! Come and sing with us.......

Do you ever think "I would love to sing in a choir, but my voice isn't good enough"?
Put that thought out of your head straight away.  You don't need a 'good' voice to sing in a choir. Every choir has its own sound that's made up of all the 60 or so voices singing together, so it's not necessary to be a good soloist, but to be a good listener.  And to be willing to use the voice you have!

City of Wolverhampton Choir is recruiting and we would love to welcome you to sing with us. We are a friendly lot.  It doesn't matter if you are not sure whether you are a bass, a tenor, an alto or a soprano. For the first few weeks of this term, with our musical director Koh Tian Yi, we're going to be doing lots of different activities to help find which voice we are most comfortable with. There may be one or two surprises along the way, even for people who have been singing for a while.

Also, it doesn't matter if you don't read music 'by sight'.  We are planning activities to help you learn how to find your way along a line of music. We can also point you to lots of web content that will help speed up your learning.

Why not come and give it a go? We meet on Monday evenings at the Cranmer Methodist Church in Newhampton Road West, WV6 0RS, from 7.30 to 9.30. There is plenty of parking and it's accessible for people with disabilities.  And don't worry, we meet in the church because it is a good place to rehearse. This is not a church choir, but a choir for the city.  We welcome everyone, whatever their religion or background.

We have two concerts planned for the months ahead. The first will be a winter concert in December with short seasonal songs.  The second will be a performance of the St John's Passion by Bach, in the spring. We will have several months to prepare for this so that we know it really well and can throw all our energies into giving a great performance.

Come and join us!  If you feel a bit shy or have any questions please drop us an email, or phone Kate on 07988191344.

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