Sunday, 27 April 2014

Wolves in Chichester

As regular visitors to the south coast, and Chichester in particular, it was no hardship to drop in on Will and see how he is getting on at his new post at St Richard's Cathedral. We dropped off a gift or two from the choir including the Wolves shirt, so that he had something to remember us by, before going along to Evensong to hear Will perform a solo (with the Wolves shirt underneath the formal garb). Will has also secured a position with Cantemus, a local Chichester choir, and is looking forward to starting work on the coming term. He sent his best wishes to everyone in the choir and hopes to keep in contact with the choir in the future. He will also be joined by Tom Castle (a former CoWC conducting scholar) as he will also be taking up a post at Chichester in the near future.    

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