Monday, 7 April 2014

Chichester 1 Wolves 0

Not a result you might expect to see with Wolves riding high at the top of League 1! But, in this case, it refers to an unfortunate change in the choir's organisation. We are saddened to announce that William Waine will be leaving his post of Music Director to further his musical career at Chichester Cathedral from this month. William had hoped to be with us for some time but circumstances, beyond his control, changed at Gloucester Cathedral and necessitated his move to a new post.

Despite coming from Gloucester to take the Monday evening sessions William had more of a connection with Wolverhampton than people may have realised. William's parents met in Wolverhampton when his father worked as a Minister at St Peter's so he had looked forward to a longer association with a place to which he owes his existence!

Although William has only been with the choir for a short time he has had a big impact. He leaves the choir a happier group than when he joined it and everyone has enjoyed the last few months immensely. For those of us on the committee he has been a delight to work with and will be as tough an act to follow in this area as well. It was pleasing that we had such a good performance of Mozart's Requiem at St Bart's on the 29th as it will give us all a very positive memory of Will's all too short tenure at the choir.

So, the search will begin again soon to find a new MD. We will be advertising again and in the meantime our accompanist Jonathan Stamp and Conducting Scholar Alisha Camm will be helping to keep things going. I know all of the choir send very best wishes to William and we all hope that his move and his new job in Chichester is all that he hopes for himself.

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