Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Want to feel good? Then join a choir! (preferably ours ;-)

Recent research by Oxford Brookes University psychologist Nick Stewart suggests that if you want to feel a real sense of wellbeing and happiness then the answer may just lie in singing in a choir. In his research Nick studied the impact on health and wellbeing of being in a sports team, singing alone and singing in a choir. Choral singers were markedly in front when it comes to the benefits of participation in their activity. Not only that but in presenting his research to the British Psychological Society Nick also pointed out that choral singers regarded their choirs to be a more meaningful group than sport participants considered their teams. It is thought that the act of moving and breathing together increases the sense of wellbeing leading to what was described as an enhanced sense of togetherness. So, something that won't surprise our members but perhaps something that might surprise our followers...if you want to feel good, don't just come and listen - join in!

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