Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A new arrival!

We are delighted to announce the appointment of William Waine as the new Musical Director for the choir. William has recently graduated from Oxford University (although perhaps some may be surprised that this was in law rather than anything music-related) and has decided to pursue his musical career by taking up a post as a choral scholar at Gloucester Cathedral. 

William's musical experience goes back to his first performances as a chorister at the tender age of 6. His first conducting performance in front of his choir was at the age of 14 and since then nothing has held him back. In his days at university he was a choral scholar at Christ Church Cathedral Oxford and the Musical Director for the Christ Church College Student and Staff Choir. He has developed considerable experience in his roles so far. William has performed as far afield as China and New Zealand.

We know that William has a broad repertoire, including classical as well as more modern pieces and some of his own arrangements. We feel sure that he will bring his own style and personality to the choir and that his passion and enthusiasm will ensure that he fulfills his goal of making sure that the choir enjoys rehearsing and performing as much as he himself does. 

William describes himself as a huge sports fan outside of his musical pursuits. He is a keen cricketer and football player and although he supports Liverpool FC I am sure we will try not to hold that against him too much. Perhaps, a gold-coloured shirt for Christmas?

I have no doubt that William has much to offer the choir and that his appointment will be a very positive step in taking the choir into a new chapter of its development. The Choir Committee very much look forward to working with William. We know that he is keen to get to know all of the members and understand what makes the choir tick. 

I am sure our members will make William feel very welcome and I encourage them to take the opportunity to speak to him and share thoughts and ideas. This is a real opportunity for the choir's voice to be heard and to play a part in how the choir develops over the coming months.

I would also like to extend a huge vote of thanks to our Conducting Scholar Alisha Camm who, at the end of her second session with the choir, stood in at incredibly short notice to keep rehearsals going. It is testament to her growing talent that she has held the choir together through a difficult time. I am sure everyone is very appreciative of the effort she has put into this role and will join me in thanking her. 

I am certain that William and Alisha will work well together and, combined with the talents of our excellent accompanist Jonathan Stamp, we have much to look forward to!

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