Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The things conductors get away with...

"I liked the excitement; I didn't like the notes."

"The tenors were not fully unanimous there."

“Good first note, sopranos”

“I think all the notes were there, tenors – together with a few others”

“Well the first chord was good – except for the tuning, which was fairly rancid”

“Valiant effort, tenors!”

“Sopranos – a really good sound tonight. I mean, if you had just a little more confidence and were a little more in tune and had a few more people...”

“It’s absolutely impossible to be miserable when singing this – although some of you look as if you are managing to.”

“Very good, sopranos – just a bit flat and dragging a bit behind”

“It’ll do – for a rehearsal”

"That was the right note - only a quaver late."

"That was one of the most reasonable chords I've heard from you for a long time."

"It wasn't accurate, but it was enthusiastic."

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